More and Better Choices.
More and Better Choices.

Will Washington be the next state to implement Ranked Choice Voting?

Ranked Choice Voting is a system that allows voters to rank candidates in order of their preference – and a tested, achievable way to improve elections and governance.

  • Eliminates the “spoiler” label.
  • Encourages thoughtful, qualifed candidates from outside the two-major-party domain.
  • Ensures consensus outcomes.
  • Promotes more substantive campaigning.

Voters have used, understood, and liked RCV in: Berkeley; San Francisco; Oakland; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Portland, Maine; Takoma Park, Maryland and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ranked Choice Voting would dramatically improve the presidential election process.

Please get involved in the initiative! Signature-gathering efforts are needed! Our numbers are growing! We have groups in:

If you can help collect signatures in Seattle, would like to get a group going in your area, or just more information in general, contact Cindy Black at or 206-552-3287. Areas we could use help: Spokane County; Yakima & Tri-Cities; and Vancouver/Clark County.

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